Due to the growing market for electric vehicles, the need for charging infrastructure products has increased rapidly.

In the initial phase of e-mobility, providing purely functional Mode 2 charging cables in accordance with IEC62752 were required, but today manufacturers are paying more and more attention to an attractive design with a high recognition value. There is also a strong focus on reducing the size of such devices.

A market leader in the field of high-end charging infrastructure approached ZETTLER because they desired a relay according to IEC62752 for their new generation of mode 2 charging cables with additional customized design features.

Based on the experience and variety of reliable ZETTLER relays, a customized version was built according to the customer’s needs. The customer is highly satisfied with the resulting individualized relay solution, packaged in a tailor-made housing and printed in its own design.

ZETTLER AZEV132 relays are 1-pole power PCB relays, initially developed specifically for use in accordance with IEC62752 and, more importantly, to meet the exceedingly stringent short-circuit withstand-current requirements of this standard.

These relays also have a monitoring contact to allow detection of any possible welding issues with the main contacts.

The relays are approved at UL, CUR and TÜV with ratings of up to 40 A with 6k switching cycles (32 A with 100k switching cycles) for the normally open load contact and 10 mA at 12 VDC with 50k switching cycles for the normally closed monitoring contact.

A new version with switching capability of up to 50 A, our AZEV140, is planned for series production in 2021.