Clever srl, known as a connection and electromechanical specialist, is also specializing in other market segments.

Among these is the segment of “man / machine interface”, for every machine, tool or equipment made it is essential foresee its realization.

The most consolidated method is the use of a keyboard. Appearance that may seem trivial but of significant importance.

The keyboard of a device is the business card of the machine, is the detail that puts man in contact with the machine. More and more it becomes part of the design of the machine itself and becomes the qualifying element.

For this reason the combination of aesthetics, design and functionality is increasingly crucial.

The keyboards can be of many types:

  • Membrane keyboard, this keyboard, always made to customer design, it has some advantages: Possibility satisfying graphics, low thickness, no need for support frames, yes paste to the equipment. Clever is able to supply membrane keyboards with an IP65 protection degree, shielded against ESD, treatments surface anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti UV. With built-in touch with ITO deposit. The minimum pitch on the connectors that can be made is 0.4 mm. The minimum line thickness achievable on the graphic part is 0.08mm.
  • Rubber keyboards, is the keyboard for excellence in terms of use feeling. Clever supplies, always on drawing customer, keyboards with various actuation forces, key strokes. The part aesthetics can be of multiple colors, with back lighting, by laser etching of the surface. This type of keyboard is ideal when it is continuous use, e.g. joysticks, telephone keypads, PDAs, adaptable to both consumer and industrial products.
  • Rubber-membrane keyboard: in this typology the peculiarity of the membrane keyboard is combined with that of the rubber keyboard. A polyester based circuit is produced, such as that of the mambrane keyboard, it matches a top of the keyboard in rubber. In this way we get that the keyboard can be glued to machine surface, without the need for restraint frames. We can supply IP65 degree of protection, at the same time we offer a sensation much more effective touch with the rubber keyboard.
  • Capacitive keyboard– Clever provides capacitive keyboards. Operation is recognition of contact. A microcontroller detects the occurrence of the modification of an electric field on the key. The advantage is the reduction of moving mechanical parts, with longer life and greater product reliability. Movies being flexible, being very thin (0.2 mm), they give the possibility of giving space to design and contact materials. Given the flexibility they can be applied even on curved surfaces. The possibility of using transparent polymers from there possibility of having backlit keys with icons on customer request.
  • Keyboards with electroluminescent back light e Light guide backlight various backlight sources with different aesthetic effects.
  • Metal keyboards find their way application in medical reception stands, information boxes, totems information, where the application must have robustness and anti-vandalism.
  • Glass keypads with ESD protection made with ITO deposit.

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