Energy saving plays a major role in all areas of life. High-efficiency pumps have become indispensable in building technology in the heating technology sector in particular.

These electronically controlled circulating pumps have a very low power consumption during operation. But at power-up they cause very high inrush peaks.

This must be taken into account when selecting the relays to control the pump. Precisely for this requirement, ZETTLER, in cooperation with the market leaders in the field of heating technology, has developed a relay that meets all requirements.

Based on a customer’s requirement for an electrical life of up to 650,000 cycles, with inrush peaks up to 42A when the circulation pump was switched, ZETTLER engineers were able to offer a solution based on the AZ764 series of power relays.

Modifications have ensured that no welding of the contacts will result in failure of the relay during the entire service life.

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