Heavy Equipment

Electronic Displays - LCD

Electronic Displays – LCD for Heavy Equipment Industry

The hevy equipment industry (Agricultural machinery, construction equipment, etc.) It is in constant technological evolution. The facilities at these vehicles increasingly resemble those of a car: navigation systems, infotainment, satellite alarms, remote controls.

CLEVER in this sector can provide a wide range of Electronic Displays – LCD for heqvy equipment industry, often customized to the need of the customer, but with some fundamental characteristics: strength, visibility in all weather conditions (even full light) and reliability.

Depending on the message to be transmitted are used LCD modules character / monochrome VBN / OLED and especially TFT. The touch panel is mostly resistive.
Is very important to have an LCD with good temperature extensions, even if the modern equipments are however always conditioned: CLEVER is always available to meet with you to define the product to fit the needs of your application.