Electronic Displays - LCD

Electronic Displays – LCD for the Automotive industry

In the car the interface man-machine is more and more indispensable and CLEVER is able to meet the stringent requirements of production and performance demanded by the automotive industry clients by providing innovative solutions and high quality.

The LCD range is very wide and different technologies (FSTN / TFT / OLED / AMOLED) allow you to respond to the needs of manufacturers.

Is possible to realize customized products with particular sizes and shapes, to allow a better integration in design and ergonomics of the application. The displays can be completed by resistive touch panels (normally capacitive is not required given the criticality of moving vehicle).
The most important news coming from toled and poled, organic LCD on transparent base.
There are still very common LCD with backlight in many colors, used to view the most basic information.
We turn attention to the world of electric vehicles where we can provide, even for limited quantities, custom LCD suitable for interfacing the user with the car.