BradyGrip ™: The super-easy way to identify cable bundles and wires.

Now identifying cables quickly and reliably is as easy as drinking a glass of water, thanks to the collaboration between Brady and VELCRO® Brand. BradyGrip ™ printable tear-off material is a one-of-a-kind identification solution that can be easily printed and applied to any bundle of cables. The hooked coating allows it to be repositioned or removed easily, without the need for expensive interventions in case of repositioning or modifications. Just print and apply.

Improve efficiency

Maximize your uptime with a faster printable identification solution for cable bundles.

Easily applicable, easily removable

Apply, reposition and remove thanks to the exclusive printable tear-off material immediately ready for use.


It offers an alternative to nylon ties, preserves the integrity of the bundle without damaging it.


Customize the labels for large or small needs by printing on materials of different widths.

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