New industrial look & feel
Reliable and easy-to-use solution for precise work
Multifunction for a wide variety of applications in the field of electrical systems and data communication
Wide range of different materials, including new BradyGrip tear-off material and new rotatable self-laminating vinyl

Want added durability in an industrial design ? Get the BMP41 Label Printer. Reliable for your most detailed work and rugged enough to use every day, it’s a must-have for data com and electrical professionals.

Create and print labels on the spot with its QUERTY keypad, or in batches at the office with Brady Workstation software. This printer can help you power through work faster with its programmed pre-set label options for wire marking, flagging and patch panel ID. The BMP41 is ready for it all, every day. It’s that dependable.

Speed: Prints 33mm/second at 300 dpi

Durability: Features rubber grips, a long-life rechargeable NiMh battery and withstands 1.2 m drops

Flexibility: Prints labels up to 25mm wide (continuous and pre-sized) from a cartridge

Convenience: Window on printer lets you view 100+ different installed cartridges

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