Zettler Display has released an entire line of IPS LCDs, ranging from 1.54 “to 10.1”. These LCD modules have been designed and built in the most common sizes of TFT LCDs with TN technology (3.5 “, 4.3”, 5.0 “, 7.0”, etc.) allowing users to switch easily from a TN LCD at IPS, with comparable prices, these IPS panels offer improved optical performance, with viewing angles of 80 degrees and sharp contrast compared to standard TN.

Zettler Display, also for this product line, offers support for turnkey solutions, to meet the needs of different applications. In addition to the standard versions, with various touch and brightness options, versions with customized cover glass (logos, hardness and thickness values ​​on request) can be created.

Customization solve the needs that application requires: gaskets, EMI optical bonding screens and more.

This line was produced to follow the industrial markets, which use the most advanced HMI technology and is necessary to have high performance LCDs at competitive prices.

These LCDs are for applications electromedical, industrial, HVAC-R, marine and outdoor.

In combination with sophisticated touch solutions, 10 gesture points, designed to avoid false signals in the presence of water, etc. We are available for sampling supplies, in order to simplify the evaluation of the project.

Is also important the support of the “turnkey”, modules already complete with interfaces on customer request. This allows to reduce time to market and design costs, especially in the presence of small quantities.

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