The braided sock Helagaine Twist-In is a self-wrapping sheath made of polyester (PET) monofilaments with automatic closure.

Thanks to these characteristics it is particularly suitable in all those applications where fire protection is required: in the railway sector it has obtained HL3 certification both for installation inside the wagons (R22) and outside (R23).

This sock has several advantages both for first installation and for maintenance. First of all thanks to the self-wrapping properties (the sock is in fact open, unrolls to insert the cables and rewinds) it can also be used on cables and components already installed and is able to cover a wide range of applications and even very small diameters.

Also, because it’s an open sock, allows quick access to cables in case of inspection and maintenance.

It is available in rolls and can be cut to size.

Once installed and subsequently twisted, to make sure it wraps the cables tightly, Twist-In guarantees protection against abrasion and mechanical stress. For an even safer fixing, a band can be added to the head and tail of the sock.


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