PIR Sensors

PIR sensors

PIR motion sensors

The PIR (Passive Infrared pyroelectric sensors) are composed of a sensitive element which detects a moving heat source, transforming it into an electric signal.

The PIR motion sensors can be digital or analog, and with varying detection distances depending on the application needs (up to 12 meters, even in the operating temperature function).

Some unique characteristics make PIR Sensors very attractive to different market segments (control Ambient lighting / wireless devices / ventilation systems and air quality control / heating and cooling / safety devices):

  1. Extremely low power consumption (from 1mA)
  2. Great sensitivity and detection accuracy even in critical environmental conditions
  3. No electromagnetic interference (in accordance with EN50130-4 regulations)
  4. Integrated solutions plug-and-sense, to avoid assembling lenses / sensing elements / amplifiers
  5. Resistance to mechanical shock and vibration