Safety Signs

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safety signs

Safety regulations in the workplace are increasingly stringent and coordinated at European level. CLEVER offers suitable solutions to ensure compliance with the directives envisaged (2001/45/EC) for production plants.


Safety Signs

  • Safety Signs: CLEVER offers pre-printed solutions or the posibility of print labels through equipment with appropriate software (ISO 7010). Among the most commonly used materials are: aluminum / hard / adhesive polyester polypropylene, photoluminescent, reflective and non-slip versions.
  • Ground Tags-Labels: We can offer products for marking of warehouse / production areas as an alternative to traditional industrial varnish with comparable costs, but total flexibility and autonomy in the installation / removal.
  • Tubes Tags-Labels: The possibility to identify the direction of flow of liquids helps to increase safety in the workplace. The visual immediacy allows to react quickly in case of ANY of Danger Conditions.
  • Lockout / Tagout: maintenance performed on complex machinery / industrial facilities need to be done in complete safety. For this reason we are able to offer a complete solution for the insulation of all potentially dangerous energy sources (padlocks in different materials for valves / switches / buttons block).