White Goods

Electronic Displays - LCD

Electronic Displays – LCD for White Goods Industry

In the small white goods wrold, talking about consumer, are very used Monochrome LCDs, normally slides made of bearing design icons or text (with or without backlight) and terminations pin or bezel.

In more advanced products are used TFT LCD (thin film transistor) that are well suited to embellish the object and create an optimal interface with the user

LCDs are increasingly widespread in characters or modules LCD, for few digits information which combined with FSTN technology provide the ability to create eye-catching products at low cost.
In portable consumer applications are used cholesteric LCDs (known also as bistable LCD) which particularity is to have extremely low power consumption.
Another technology of great interest is VBN LCD, with which we can get a deep black background and a high contrast image in the foreground, making particularly clear the transmitted information.