Electronic Displays - LCD

Electronic Displays – LCD for Railway Industry

Modern railway systems require advanced technological solutions.

Inside the wagons using graphics modules in FSTN technology (These are generally informations with few characters, like opening doors or engaged signal of the bathrooms) obtaining colored backlight that make more immediate the information.

TFT technology is mostly required in the development of instrumentation and safety checks, due to the amount of data to display, in combination with the touch panel (predominantly resistive).

The latest generation of Electronic Displays – LCD for railway industry proposed by CLEVER are equipped with MCU interface to 16 bits which allows to control and drive the LCD display in TFT / RGB interface: This helps the customer to design the display to a more simple and familiar platform.
We also offer products and Ultra High Brightness High Brightness (even going so far over 1000 Nits) with a 85 ° viewing angle, while maintaining uniform viewing on any angle thanks to the EVA process. For high-resolution LCD is expected LVDS interface that allows high transmission speeds and low level of disturbances, normally available from the 640×480 resolution.
LCD modules offered are made of materials that provide resistance to high temperatures thanks to the use of fast heatsinks that may operate in complex conditions; vice versa is possible to implement a heating circuit to be able to work at low temperatures.