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Electronic Displays - LCD

Electronic Displays – LCD for aerospace, naval and military industry

CLEVER offers a wide range of LCD designed to ensure the best possible performance in the most difficult environmental conditions.

In the military industry are required high-brightness TFT LCD (& gt; 500 nits) for visibility in daylight with hardened glass screen.

Electronic displays sizes could be from 3,5” (portable applications) up to 15” (fixed instrumentation). All electronic displays can be equipped with LCD touch panel which is resistive capacitive. Is possible to apply ntiglare treatments, to avoid glare and provide maximum visibility. To increase the reliability a double optical bonding process is used that allows to have greater protection against vibration, resistance to vandalism and bad weather, etc.
On new applications are increasingly more widespread OLED LCD because of the brightness / Low Power / strength and flexibility. LCD can be made in different shapes and transparent, this range is ideal for the realization of the HUD (head up display).