Cable tie pliers – reliable, practical, for continuous use

Cable tie pliers are not all the same, while some are useful in hard-to-access areas , others need to work without electricity because used in mobile applications . Durability and efficiency are also two important requirements: Cable tie pliers must be reliable and comfortable , especially for continuous use .

HellermannTyton offers a complete range of tools for cable processing, including manual pliers i and pneumatic, in addition to exclusive automatic cable binding systems.

The cable tie pliers are the ideal solution for tensioning and cutting flush with the head of the cable tie. They eliminate the backlash caused by traditional cable tie pliers and help speed up the binding process, ensuring professional work with both materials and different sizes.

See in this video how to cut cable ties so safe and without scraps with professional pliers: the EVO7 cable ties are among the lightest manuals on the market, ideal for continuous industrial processing:

Automatic pliers for cable ties

Autotool 2000 CPK: the automatic, fast and reliable binding system

The Autotool 2000 CPK automatic binding system is a leader in reliability and automation. It works fully automatically and significantly speeds up cable tying processes. Wrapping, tying, tensioning and cutting are done at the touch of a button, maintaining consistent quality with each cycle . This automatic clamp for cable ties allows a fast and efficient process .


  • Cycle times : 0.8-1.2 seconds, depending on the quality and strength set
  • Binding diameter up to 20 mm
  • Includes HT Data Management software for detailed analysis of each cycle
  • Special functions via software , eg. definition of the diameter of the cable bundle regardless of the bundle size
  • Software controllable via display or computer
  • It manages the processing both with bandolier of 50 bands and reels of 3.500 bands
  • Ideal for applications requiring high quality standards , eg. large-scale series production
  • CPK power supply – input: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; output: 25.2 V DC max. 150 W
  • Optional: power supply via CPK power supply with control box for integration into automated production systems

Manual pliers for cable ties

For plastic cable ties: EVO7 and EVO9 – precise and safe tensioning and cutting

With the EVO cable tie pliers, HellermannTyton offers the most ergonomic and durable line of manual cable ties on the market. comfort and functionality combine to provide high quality results, thanks to the wide choice of tension settings.
The technology of the EVO7 and EVO9 ties significantly reduces the force necessary to stretch and cut the ties and are equipped with a simple knob for quick tension change .


  • ergonomic and non-slip handle for a comfortable and safe grip
  • Different grip sizes : for optimal comfort different grip widths are available – distance from the handle to the trigger – EVO7 and EVO9 (90mm), EVO7SP and EVO9SP (80mm)
  • TLC technology (Tension / Lock / Cut) for precise and fast binding and cutting, with minimum effort
  • maintenance is reduced to a minimum thanks to the robustness of the tool
  • Simple tension adjustment using a rotary knob
  • Safe cut flush with the head
  • No backlash
  • Band width: EVO7 up to 4.8 mm; EVO9 up to 13.5 mm
  • To facilitate installations in confined spaces the barrel of the hose clamp gun is narrower than traditional manual clamp pliers
  • Manually adjustable tensioning and calibration

Pneumatic pliers for cable ties

MK3PNSP2: fast, reliable tool, minimal maintenance

The MK3PNSP2 cable tie pliers are pneumatically operated. It is characterized by high speed of application and is often used in mass production , in wiring lines and in cable installation .

The work is simple with this hose clamp gun: just press the button and the clamp is automatically stretched and cut flush with the head . The scrap is automatically eliminated to avoid the interruption of the process and the clean cut prevents any type of injury.


  • Extremely robust metal body
  • For use with cable ties up to 4.8mm wide
  • Constant tension force
  • Fast binding
  • Cutting the cable tie flush with the head

Cable ties cutter tool: remove the plastic ties safely with EVO cut

The EVO cut cable ties cutter tool is used for the safe removal of plastic ties . The cable ties are generally removed with a standard cutter which however runs the risk of damaging the cable; with the new EVO cut tool for removing the cable ties, the wire insulation remains intact .

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