Today more than ever, miniaturization, cost reduction, process optimization and safety are the mantra of industrial production. Always innovative components with continuously improving and evolving performance characteristics are required. With the ASQM sliding contact switch series, Panasonic Industry has already provided a constant response to today’s most current product development challenges in the past – now the company is announcing an expansion of the range, introducing the ASQMR IP67 switch with type detection. failure based on resistances.

the ASQMR, the smallest microswitch with diagnostic capability currently available on the market.

In fact, two chip resistors are integrated in the new ASQMR IP67 which, acting as voltage dividers, guarantee the detection of two fault states: wire breakage and short circuit. The two resistors can therefore protect users and applications from annoying failures and damage. Thanks to the ability to set different output voltage levels during normal operation and in case of failure, the new ASQMR is the most compact diagnostic switch currently on the market.