There is a growing demand for surveillance and monitoring applications in smart building automation and public safety infrastructure. All devices in these industries depend on sensor technology which is expected to be reliable and miniaturized. Panasonic Industry presents the new EKM versions of passive infrared motion sensors (PaPIR) with two distinct functional purposes. Although dimensionally “equal twins” each one has a unique and specific detection performance.

The diameter of the Wide Area Detection is 12.9m to 3m. of distance. Such a large area for such a small sensor makes it unique on the market and ideal for applications in open plan offices, corridors or parking

The number of detection zones and the sensitivity of the detection are the hallmarks of Ultra Slight Motion Detection. An optimal choice wherever small movements need to be reliably detected, for example in meeting rooms, waiting rooms or individual offices.

Both sensors are designed for typical ceiling installation heights of 3m. or for wall applications, sensors can be adapt to indoor and outdoor environments with a UV-stabilized lens available in White, Black and Pearl White.

Since the two sensors dimensions are identical, it is possible to create only one device and then characterize the work area, by mounting the sensor that best suits the purpose. The EKMB series has a digital output (open drain) and a very low standby power consumption of 1μA, 2μA, 6μA depending on the model chosen. EKMC types offer digital or analog (op-amp) output with 170μA power consumption.