Since the beginning of 2020, Zettler Display, distributed by Clever srl, has announced a new range of LCDs with IPS technology.

The proposed sizes range goes from 1.3 “to 10.1”. Given the request from the technicians, to be able to test these displays and to be able to compare the performance to traditional TN, Zettler has produced a range of HDMI and USB-HID boards.

These HDMI boards with Pcap touch controller with I²C to USB-HID output, can be used both in production and for the new projects development.

Each HDMI board guarantees LCD performance to be optimized in all respects. These boards simplify the use of IPS displays, as an LCD monitor, simply requiring a 5V power supply and an HDMI cable.

The interface board will read a video source and will resize it to the original LCD resolution, allowing you to appreciate the display of the Graphical User Interface pages on the LCD panels.

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