The B-494 polyester sample identification label is extremely reliable, precoloured and on-site printable and enables laboratory specialists to easily track, trace and sort samples by colour.

Easily track, trace and sort by colour

The B-494 label enables laboratory specialists to recognise samples quickly by colour in order to win time and decrease mistakes. The label is available in 6 different precoloured label borders: red, green, blue, yellow, orange or pink. In every colour, optimal label sizes are available to neatly fit a wide variety of sample container glassware, including vials and tubes.

Extremely reliable

Our B-494 polyester label is a reliable sample identification and traceability solution. The label will stay attached and remain legible, even when exposed to chemicals or stored in liquid nitrogen. Thanks to subsurface printing, the label’s colour code will not fade, smear or smudge and will continue to offer fast sample recognition long after it was printed.

Add any data in the lab

With Brady Workstation apps, lab specialists can easily add text, symbols, serial numbers, bar codes, QR codes and other data before printing the label with a Brady printer. Compatible printers include the BMP61, BradyPrinter M611, BBP12, BradyPrinter i3300, BradyPrinter i5100 and BradyPrinter i7100. Printing the label, versus writing on the label, is important for label reliability and legibility. The highest quality prints on B-494 can be achieved with Brady’s R6400 ink ribbon.

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