CPK hybrid T18RA
UNS 106-60000 | Autotool CPK hybrid-MET/PL-BU |

  • Electric banding system, usable with battery or power supply
  • Power supply via CPK power supply – Input: 100-240 V a.c., 50/60 Hz, Output: 25.2 V d.c., max 150 W or via 18V 2.0 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Possible integration into fully automated production lines (via CPK power supply with control box)
  • Cycle time 0.65-1.0 seconds depending on the quality and strength set
  • Both suspended and static use of the equipment is possible
  • HT Data Management CPK software (included) – for control of closing data and monitoring of the tensioning process
  • User-friendly menu available in various languages
  • Consistent and reproducible binding and cutting, up to 20 mm in diameter
  • Removable space-saving handle for robotic integrations


Autotool CPK hybrid T18RA is an electrically operated cable binding system with battery or power supply. It was developed to speed up wiring processes and make production more efficient. In addition to the high speed of wiring, this cable tying system is characterized by simple operation and user-friendly ergonomics. CPK hybrid offers a display of user settings and information in 20 languages.

A main feature of the CPK hybrid is the “HT Data Management CPK” software. This function allows easy parameterization of the instrument for custom applications. Parameterization can be easily done via computer. In addition, “HT Data Management CPK” enables the export of saved binding data and other service functions. Therefore it guarantees the continuous documentation of every binding process done through the tool. The CPK hybrid firmware allows various binding and cutting functions: it is possible to define the diameter of the binding and to choose the length of the possible tail of the tie.

The cutting function after releasing the tension, on the other hand, allows not to damage particularly delicate cables such as those made of silicone. CPK hybrid is ideal for handling large volume applications in wiring systems, automotive and industrial industries and in the packaging sector. With the CPK Bench Mount Kit or the CPK Suspended Mount, the CPK hybrid is suitable for both stationary and flexible applications. Using the optional CPK Power Pack with the control box, the CPK hybrid can be integrated into fully automated production lines via a serial interface. Thanks to the removable handle less assembly space is required. When used with battery, no external power supply is required. Bandoliers of 50 bands and reels of 3500 bands can be used.