The telecommunications industry is reaching a turning point with the use of 5G and optical fiber. CLEVER has extensive experience in this field, and our solutions combine innovative product design and field-proven robustness.

With Fiber solutions for the antenna, home or office, we offer highly engineered and easy-to-use designs that keep installation and maintenance costs low.

Power connectors

Our UTS series is available in layouts specially designed for power applications with cavity n. 12 and n. 8, capable of delivering up to 45A. Available with 3 or 4 contacts, or with mixed signal and power layout.

Optical connectors

In FTTA and FTTx more generally, optical fibers data speed and high speed capabilities, respond to the request for faster data transmission and higher transmission speed.

To respond to these new challenges, SOURIAU adds optical connections to its UTS series and offers LC DUPLEX (or double LC) and standard MPO / MTP cells.

Hybrid connectors

We are able to support the development and distribution of 5G by offering CS68 series connectors that combine 3 electrical cavities for wires or cables up to 10mm² and 45A applications and one cavity for the MTP / MPO cell.